Friday, 5 April 2019

Year 4 - Wagamamalicious - 5th April 2019

What a fantastic trip!  We found out about food preparation, healthy eating, how to eat with chopsticks and we got to eat lots too.  A big thank you to the wonderful staff at Wagamamas, the children thoroughly enjoyed themselves and it was great to see them so inspired!  I hope the children have come home and told you about how to prepare your chicken and how to make healthy smoothies and don't forget they've got their aprons to wear whilst they are cooking at home.  In the bag the children brought home yesterday there is also a discount voucher if you are thinking of going along yourselves.  The children all ate what they prepared and were great ambassadors for the school, showing enthusiasm and enjoyment in what they were doing - #superstars.

Tuesday, 2 April 2019

Year 4 - Goodbye and Miss White or should it be Au revoir? - 1st April 2019

Image result for thank you and good luckWe would like to put a big WELL DONE and THANK YOU to Miss White who has been completing her second placement for her teacher training with year 4 since half term.  It may have only been a flying visit, but she has made a real impact on the class.  We wish her well and will see her around as she will be back in Year 1 in the summer term (If we don't pinch her for exciting end of year year 4 things!).  Mr Dickinson will be rejoining the class for the summer term.  Miss White's last day is on Wednesday 3rd April, Good Luck Miss White!

Friday, 29 March 2019

Year 4 - Home Learning - 29th March 2019

Home learning - Year 4 - Spring Week 11
29th March 2019

Next Week’s a busy week!

Thursday - Off to a local restaurant for our healthy eating Design Technology unit.  We will be at school for normal lunch time (if we’ve got any room left).  Also please ensure you have returned your slip stating any dietary requirements and your choice of arrival arrangements.
Home learning from last week is also due by Thursday so that we can present our Florida research projects.
Friday - Bikathon (please remember your bike or scooter and sponsorship form) and Farm Visit. Our Farm Visit will be slightly later than usual so please bring a packed lunch.  Hot lunches can be refunded or an alternative packed lunch can be provided, please see the office as to your preference.  

X Tables
Year 4 are expected to know all of their times tables up to 12x12 by the end of the year.  From after the holidays we will be doing checks on times tables on a weekly basis. Children should start by counting in multiples of the number, then calculating facts by counting up to a multiple then knowing the facts by heart.  There are a number of ways to gain this fluency and memorising these facts to the point of fluency. Songs, rhymes, counting forwards and backwards in multiples, spotting patterns, etc.
Next week we are going to look at the 9x table and revise the 3x table.
Did you know that the digits of the multiples of 9 all add up to 9?
You can use your fingers to find 9x table facts! Try it :
Did you know that the digits of the multiples of 3 always add up to a multiple of 3?
Try writing the facts from one or both of these times tables on post its and sticking them around the house.  When you come across one ask / answer the the multiplication.

Healthy Eating Recipe Book
As part of our DT project we would like to put together a recipe book of the children’s favourite healthy recipes.  For home learning this week please bring in your favourite healthy recipe to include.

Please remember:
Times Tables Rockstars, Mathletics, AR Reading Quizzes and Purple Mash which can all be accessed at home to support your learning in school.

Year 4 - Amazing Assembly - 29th March 2019

Image result for thumbs upWell done year 4!  Yet again you have risen to the challenge.  We had our work cut out this week as we have had a special swimming gala and football tournament to try to fit in around our practices!  Despite only having one whole class run through, I think they did a spectacular job.   I have to say I was extremely "HAPPY" about the performance.  We hope you enjoyed it too!

Year 4 - A big well done for taking part - 25th March 2019

I would like to say a big well done to all of you for taking part in last week's singing festival.  You were all amazing (even if singing isn't your thing).  You showed that you could participate, entertain and support your class in this performance.  We have some great talent for singing and drama in the class and it was great to see most of you participating in this event.  Well done!

Sunday, 24 March 2019

Year 4 - Class Assembly - 24th March for 29th March 2019

Image result for class assemblyYou are all welcome to come along to year 4's class assembly on Friday 29th March at 9:20am in the school hall.  Find out what we've been up to this term!

Year 4 - Home learning - 22nd March 2019

Home learning - Year 4 - Spring Week 10
22nd March 2019

Next week’s class assembly!
Next Friday (29th March) is our class assembly.  In preparation we need a few props and hoping you can help:
Sunglasses, Colourful t-shirts, shorts, sun hats, blow up pool toys, buckets and spades.
Please don’t feel you need to bring in all of the above, but if you have a couple of the above please bring in a named bag as soon as possible next week.
Also please bring your bad guys hat for the assembly on Friday.
We look forward to seeing you on 29th March at 9:20am in the school hall.

Florida Challenge: Due Thursday 4th April
All of the children have been working collaboratively over the last few weeks to plan a presentation about Florida.  They will be working on one of the following projects: (some children have already brainstormed this)
  1. Make a campaign to raise awareness of the problems Sea Turtles face on the beaches of Florida.  It should include a poster, a letter, research about the turtles - data how many turtles there are and an instruction leaflet guide to protecting turtles.
  2. Plan a visit to Florida - cost out the visit and make an itinerary (where you would go and when).
  3. Produce a visit Florida brochure.
  4. Investigate coral reefs, make labels and information cards on types of coral, wildlife and how species interact in this ecosystem.

The children will be presenting their projects to the rest of the class on Thursday 4th April.  For home learning I would like the children to produce something you could add to their presentation.  This could be a model, a powerpoint presentation, a picture, poster or even a script for what they are going to say.  Please talk to your child about their project so far and encourage them to be as creative as possible.

Please remember:
Times Tables Rockstars, Mathletics, AR Reading Quizzes and Purple Mash which can all be accessed at home to support your learning in school.